woman training her absWomen who undergo rigorous training just to get six pack abs is now becoming a popular trend worldwide because it promotes an effective means of keeping the body fit, sexy, great looking, and healthy.

Although many women who are benefiting from this, there are still those who refuse to consider the idea because they think that having a six pack abs is a guy thing only.

What prevents women from getting six pack abs

Despite the advantages it brings to make bodies of women sexier, there are so still things that hinder women from getting six pack abs. If you were one of those who is planning to achieve six pack abs but still have hesitations, it is a must that you conduct a simple research first on the advantages and disadvantages of training to get six pack training.

One of the things that hold back women from getting six pack abs is that the training makes the woman’s muscles bulky and the overall appearance masculine. However, a woman—despite training for six pack abs—will not have a bulky physique since her body cannot produce enough of the  testosterone that is required to build huge muscles like those in men. Women who are muscular did not get those from training but from having excessive amounts of testosterone in their bodies.

Proper nutrition is important

For women to achieve six pack abs, the  formula for success is good and proper nutrition. This is because it provides the basic things such as energy needed for growth and the sustenance can only be derived from a proper diet.

According to nutritionists, proper nutrition should include the right kind of foods. For women (and this applies to men too) who are planning to develop six pack abs, this should be a major factor to be aware of because it will make your training more successful. The following are some eating tips to prepare women to get that six pack rips and muscles in no time:

1. Make sure that you eat at least six meals  every day. For newcomers at developing six pack abs, this is the most basic rule because it will ensure you have the energy to endure weight lifting. Eating meals once every 2 to 3 hours will ensure the stability of blood sugar. This will also ensure satisfaction of cravings, maximization of metabolism and energy, and a constant need to feed the building muscles.

2. Enough amounts and significant types of protein should be consumed properly.Protein plays a big role in developing six pack abs because it is the building block of the body. To know how much protein you need to get that much-prized six pack, multiply your total bodyweight by 1.2. The result will be the amount of protein—in grams—which is the ideal amount that should be consumed every day.

3. Ensure that you consume the right types and amounts of carbohydrates. In women who are training for six pack abs, carbs are very important to supply the energy your body needs. To figure out how much carbs you need daily, multiply the lean body mass of your body by 0.8 and the result is the total amount of carbs—in grams—that you need. Remember that since getting six pack abs means you losing fats, you must only consume the foods with low carbs such as brown rice, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes.

4. Always include vegetables into your diet. Women who want six pack abs should make sure that green leafy veggies such as  green beans, broccoli, and lettuce have a place in their diet. These types of foods will ensure that cravings can be suppressed without getting hungry. Vegetables will also aid  your metabolism which will make the absorption of protein easier and faster.