In this video Vince Delmonte explains why alcohol will prevent you getting the six pack you always wanted.

If you want to to know which are the best exercises for abs – for both men and women – together with meal plans and supplement advice then his new Six Pack Quest program is exactly what you need. Vince always delivers the goods and if you do what he says then you will get a six pack fast!

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If there’s any doubt in your mind about how good ‘Your Six Pack Quest’ really is then just read this quote about someone who was seriously overweight before he started Vince’s program.

Peter says goodbye to 100lbs

Six Pack Quest is the system that helped Peter go from 276 lbs down to 176 lbs in just six months – the system that Peter followed to lose over 20% body fat in just 24 weeks, and the same system that is going to help you get your fittest, leanest and sexiest body EVER!

The simple fact of the matter is this…

If this seriously overweight guy can buckle down and lose 100lbs then so can you…

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six pack picture

Vince Delmonte

Vince DelMonte’s YOUR SIX PACK QUEST is a COMPLETE step-by-step program to getting six pack abs with weight training, cardio workouts, meal plans,supplement advice and lifestyle management. And ladies, it even has a 16 week fat loss & workout program for any woman who wants a six pack.

“It’s Time to Stop Making Excuses and Take Action.”