salmon-518032_300The weight loss market is overflowing with products and services, making it hard to make a choice. I have assessed countless weight loss programs, which range from high-quality to downright awful. Maybe that’s why people keep on buying them because a lot of them don’t work.

Right now I am perusing a really good one – it’s called The Primal You, by Derek Gatehouse, and I became a big admirer for many reasons.

When his doctor told Derek at age 26 that he had to take medication for high blood pressure, he began learning about food and diet even more, as he had always heard that blood pressure was controllable with the right diet, which most of us would agree with.

12 years down the road, at age 38, Derek put himself on The Primal You diet. In a matter of weeks, he lost weight, put on muscle, and got his blood pressure back under control. All this occurred about 13 years ago and he hasn’t taken medication since.

The incredible piece of the experience he says, is that the eating habits his research revealed is the “diet that was ideal for the human race” – and because of this, it resets your body’s metabolism to a state of fat burning, as opposed to a state of fat storing like most foods do.

The essence of the diet really makes so much sense to me because it investigates what humans are genetically programmed to eat.

The part I like is that it’s not some loony fad diet, it is entirely natural and good for your health. In fact, Derek talks about optimum health as much as he talks about losing weight. The other good thing it that it works fast too.

And there’s no cutting back on food called for. You’re able to eat a considerable amount of food and followers assert they did not experience hunger when on a primal diet.

Primal You is not just the average ebook that many people sell. Along with a workbook, this online course has 2 ½ hours of video, broken into 6 easy to watch “episodes”. Another good point is that it also allows you to have access to more than one thousand online recipes.

People on the website who have been on the diet for an extended time also claim that you never feel hungry on this diet and that you can finally eat and not go hungry. As a considerate consumer exasperated with all the conflicting ideas in the marketplace, Derek has explored exercise and dieting diligently for three decades and seems to have hit on a new idea that is actually ancient.

Having seen so many diets come and go, and having seen the outcomes of this diet system and also how easy it is to understand and to follow, it could well be the answer to many people’s weight loss problems. I have to say it might not suit everyone but for those it does, they could see spectacular results.