fat-foods-1487599_300x200Is fat bad for you? Well, this article is about the Primal diet and how it preaches the fat is not bad for you, but good. It seems strange to read this after so many years of having low-fat diets rammed down our throats (forgive the pun).

Let’s face it, if you talk to just about anyone trying to lose weight they will mention the fact that they are on a low-fat diet.

When you ask them why they are on a low-fat diet, they will invariably tell you the same thing: “Well…you don’t have to have fat. Fat is bad for you.”

But then ask these same people precisely where they read about this, or at the very least refer to one reputable source or scientific studies or something… do you realize what you’ll get?

They’ll look at you like you’re crazy for even asking the question. Because… everyone knows fat is bad for you, right…? Well, I am sorry but… the Primal diet says that is completely wrong.

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Fat is good for you!

Not surprisingly, it’s really not difficult to identify how the whole “fat is bad for you” approach materialized. First of all, we are massively affected by what we read and listen to and see in the tabloids and on television. And let’s face the facts… from the books were declaring you have got to go low fat.

Aside from that, it’s not too hard to believe that if you eat more fat, you will end up being more overweight.

In spite of this… that’s simply not the way it works. It’s the unique combinations of protein, fat and carbohydrates you eat that work together.

Subject to which combination you eat (and the quantity of each), your body will either store fat or burn fat. In addition to helping with your blood pressure and cholesterol, or making it a whole lot worse!

“Low fat” is history!

I was in my local bookstore last week and I happened upon a variety of the most popular dieting guides. I picked up the two or three of them and skimmed the contents, and you know what? “Low fat” is history. And not too soon!

These new diet books (and many more) all have in common the same motif… one which has finally, thank goodness, replaced the low-fat mantra.

So, what is the latest diet idea?

It’s all about your hormones and how they regulate your body. The thing is…you have got the awesome power of being capable of setting your metabolism to whichever “state” you want. Just with food.

The low-fat diet (strangely enough) winds up setting your metabolism to a “fat storing” state, whereas the Primal diet will set your metabolism to a “fat burning” state. The Primal diet says that fat is not bad for you but is good. Goes against the grain doesn’t it?

The degree of research available now, and trials which have been done, is incredible but the only way to find out if the Primal diet works it to try it for yourself. You will have to see how you feel on a primal diet – whether or not you lose weight at all and especially to see if you feel so hungry all the time as in a normal diet. Everyone is different so it’s your decision.

To get more detailed information about eating a Primal diet: http://www.theprimalyou.com