One of the greatest ways to burn fat and increase muscle is by boosting your body’s GH (or growth hormone) levels. Growth Hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and it’s levels usually peak during puberty then slowly and steadily decline with age. GH not only plays a key role in muscle development and maintenance but it also assists with fat burning.

Experts have concluded that increasing your GH levels will not only assist in bone and muscle mass development but will also help to shed fat.

For years, bodybuilders have injected synthetic GH to experience the amazing effects it has on their body composition.  Unfortunately, the synthetic version of this hormone is very expensive, hard to obtain and causes undesirable side effects.    The good news is that you can increase your GH levels naturally, and without any side effects!  All you have to do is engage in a targeted hormone stimulating training program.  You can start jacking up your own growth hormone today by applying some of these key elements to your workouts:

GH and YOU: Incorporating GH into Your Fat Loss Program

1) Exercise Intensity

In order to increase your GH levels make sure that your workouts are INTENSE! When you have reached optimal intensity levels with your workout do not exceed about 50 minutes. Keep in mind that intense training beyond the 50 minute mark it will actually cause a negative effect on the hormone response to your body.

2) Exercise volume

You’ll have to do as much quality work as you can possibly can during the 50 minute time period.  To do this effectively you must alternate sets of exercises in such a way that you train different muscles that don’t interfere with each other.  Alternating sets involves going from exercise A to exercise B with minimal rest in between.

3) Rest Periods

Keep your rest intervals as short as possible.  Your rest interval is only there to allow recovery so you can perform another quality set.  Resting any longer than that is a complete waste of time.  To maximize GH output, keep most of your rest intervals between 60-90 seconds.

4) Rep Range

Most of your sets should be around 8-12 repetitions.  This will increase lactic acid levels, which in turn activates the release of growth hormone.

5) Sprinting

A great way to trigger the release of growth hormone in the body is old fashioned sprinting. I recommend performing 6-30 second sprints for optimal results.

If you want to be in the shape of your life, follow these steps for a lean, mean new physique! Your workout might start out somewhat difficult for you but I assure you your additional efforts will pay you back big dividends.  Finally, you’ll be able to lose stubborn belly fat and build new lean muscle in no time!