Man breasts (gynaecomastia) can be embarrassing. If fact, some men are so embarrassed by them they even resort to surgery for gynecomastia. So what causes manboobs and more importantly, how do you lose them?

3 quick questions:

1. Are you a guy or do you know one close to you over the age of 35?

2. Have you or he looked at your/his bare chest lately?

3. If so… did you see them?…The dreaded….


Manboobs are not funny!

Obviously if you are female this is not an issue. But for us men, “gynaecomastia”, often jokingly referred to as manboobs (we can thank “Seinfeld” for that) is anything but funny.

From this point on, I’ll refer to it as “MB” if that’s okay by you.

MB is not an age thing. It can occur at almost any time in life. However, for those of us over 35, it is more common.

This is just one of the many symptoms of “andropause“, or “male menopause.”

When you age your testosterone levels decline…and more than that the testosterone gets “weaker” due to an imbalance between it and estrogen.

When you combine that with our modernized “estrogen-rich” environment that we have today, you have a problem. A big MB problem.

MB is associated with lack of sex drive and excess belly fat due to the estrogen.

What’s even worse is that excess estrogen has been positively linked to prostate cancer.

So as you can see, MBs are not so funny after all. In fact they can be positively dangerous to have.

But you can do something about them without resorting to expensive surgery. Something that’s entirely natural –  dedicated to male menopause and natural solutions that really work.

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