Fat Loss Workouts – by Nick Nilsson the Mad Scientist of Muscle

On this page you can watch a series of fat loss workout videos and the accompanying articles on fat loss workouts by Nick Nilsson. Read them if you want to burn off fat fast in the gym. Don’t forget to grab his FREE course by clicking on the button in the slider below.


Lose Fat and Build Muscle and Strength with Lactic Acid Training

Fat loss workouts do NOT have to be boring and they do NOT mean you will lose strength and power. If you want to burn off fat while still building muscle and strength the fat loss workout demonstrated here will enable you to build power and strength at the same time.

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Boost Your Metabolism With Alternating Arm Kettlebell Swings

If you want to burn off fat you need to fire up your metabolism with interval training for fat loss. A great way to do so is with this unique version of the kettlebell swing – where you alternate from two arms to one-arm. This fatloss workout will firm up your waist while you boost your metabolism too.

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Workout to Keep Your Muscle Whilst Losing Fat

When working out to lose fat you MUST retain your muscle mass otherwise you’ll just end up a smaller version of yourself with no changes in composition. This workout enables you to keep your muscle and strength whilst burning off TONS of calories for fat loss.

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