Tips To Help You Lose Excess Belly Fat Fast

Almost everyone wants to lose some excess fat on their body somewhere. For the vast majority, they’re mainly interested in getting rid of excess belly fat because it makes you look so bad in clothes!

Whether you want to admit it or not, most of us spend a large part of the year stuffing our faces and only think about exercise and diet at the first sign of warm weather. Fact is, to look good in our new summer clothes we need to get rid of the fat that’s piled up around our stomach over winter. Isn’t that the truth?

Unfortunately, if you want to lose tummy fat, it’s not exactly a quick fix. (more…)

Three Good Abs Workouts Video

Why do skinny guys with no fat on their stomach still have no abs? It’s because they haven’t developed their abdominal muscles enough to show any!

In this video Vince shows you three of his favourite abs workouts that are designed to develop your abs and make them show.

These ab exercises are not crunches and because they are challenging they are not for beginners either. If you want to discover the secrets to getting abs and lose tummy fat just click on the link below.

Vince DelMonte’s YOUR SIX PACK QUEST is a COMPLETE step-by-step program to getting six pack abs with weight training, cardio workouts, meal plans,supplement advice and lifestyle management. And ladies, it even has a 16 week fat loss & workout program for any woman who wants a six pack.

“It’s Time to Stop Making Excuses and Take Action.”

Vince Delmonte Killer Ab Workout Video

If you want to know how to get a 6 pack then this video from Vince Delmonte will show you some killer abs circuits.

If you want to know the quickest way to lose abdominal fat and get a six pack Vince is the guy to show you.

He will teach you the best 6 pack exercises and the type of abs diet you must eat to get a ripped six pack fast. (more…)

How to Get Washboard Abs

If you’re getting ready to bare your mid-section for the summer months or potentially escaping the cold for a warm vacation, getting washboard abs is probably something you would love to take with you.

Potentially the top request personal trainer’s hear everywhere is with regards to tightening these muscles. Face it, washboard abs not only look great, but, they also signify the holy grail of fitness. (more…)

Why Alcohol Will Stop You Getting A Six Pack

In this video Vince Delmonte explains why alcohol will prevent you getting the six pack you always wanted.

If you want to to know which are the best exercises for abs – for both men and women – together with meal plans and supplement advice then his new Six Pack Quest program is exactly what you need. Vince always delivers the goods and if you do what he says then you will get a six pack fast!

In fact, Vince states that you can’t fail to get a 6 pack if you follow his abs workout program! (more…)