Get Rid of Man Breasts

Man breasts (gynaecomastia) can be embarrassing. If fact, some men are so embarrassed by them they even resort to surgery for gynecomastia. So what causes manboobs and more importantly, how do you lose them?

3 quick questions:

1. Are you a guy or do you know one close to you over the age of 35?

2. Have you or he looked at your/his bare chest lately?

3. If so… did you see them?…The dreaded….

“Manboobs”? (more…)

Why You Can’t Lose Weight Permanently

Why can’t you lose weight permanently? You’ve tried diet after diet and managed to shed some weight but it still comes back once you slip back into your old habits.  It’s so confusing trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t and it’s no wonder many people give up trying.

For anyone who has tried but can’t lose weight it is how to get rid of fat for good that is the burning question. Losing fat is the be-all and end-all when it comes down to it but it can be hard to get rid of stubborn fat, no matter how hard you try. Once the fat has gone it’s just a question of keeping it off forever with the right diet and exercise program.

Finding the right diet and exercise program for YOU is the secret to losing weight but which one should you go for? If you are anxious to lose weight for good but don’t know the best way to go about it  then the article below by Rob Poulos should help. It will show you the real reason you can’t lose weight permanently. (more…)

How Can You Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

How can you get rid of belly fat?

The fat that you find in your belly is the kind of fat that surrounds various organs. There are two kinds of fat in our body. One is found underneath the skin surface and is called subcutaneous fat.

The other kind of fat is what is causing your belly fat and this is found deep within the body. Lets take a look at some tips that will help you lose that belly fat. (more…)

Maximize Your Fat Loss With This Potent Fat Melting Technique

One of the greatest ways to burn fat and increase muscle is by boosting your body’s GH (or growth hormone) levels. Growth Hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and it’s levels usually peak during puberty then slowly and steadily decline with age. GH not only plays a key role in muscle development and maintenance but it also assists with fat burning.

Experts have concluded that increasing your GH levels will not only assist in bone and muscle mass development but will also help to shed fat. (more…)

Why Cardio, Aerobics, & Spinning Suck For Fat Loss

I’m not a huge fan of cardio, spinning, or aerobics in terms of people looking to lose body fat obviously in short time periods. I mean if somebody likes doing it; if somebody wants to be the triathlete, you know what, go ahead and do it and love what you do.

But I’m not a big fan of it for those people I see who are running on the sidewalk and look like they despise every single minute they are doing it. (more…)

Stop Cravings and Stop Binge Eating

In a surprising comment made during a popular UK radio show, the founder of one of the largest Pizza chains in the United States and United Kingdom told listeners not to eat too much pizza!

In an interview with host Adam Shaw on BBC’s Radio Four program, John Schnatter, the founder of Papa John’s pizza, was asked whether he was concerned about the British government’s recent actions in the fast food restaurant business to help put the brakes on obesity.

Schnatter said, “Pizza is actually healthy for you if you don’t eat too much of it. You can’t eat five or six slices but if you eat one or two slices it’s very nutritious.”

Laughing, Shaw replied, “I’m not sure your investors would want to hear you tell people, ‘don’t eat too much of our pizzas!”’ (more…)