How Do I Go About Fat Loss After Pregnancy?

pregnant bellyIt is a well-known fact that most women undergo several physical and hormonal changes after giving birth and mood swings aren’t uncommon among new mothers. Most women have to put in considerable effort in order to achieve fat loss after pregnancy.

In order to reduce weight and improve muscle tone after childbirth, women should exercise at a slow and steady pace in a safe manner. This is what leads to the desired weight loss in the long run. (more…)

How to Get Ripped Abs

ripped absAre looking for a weight loss program that works so that you can finally see your abs? If so, you’ve probably seen the Fat Loss for Idiots program around, along with plenty of Fat Loss For Idiots Diet Reviews. What’s this program about? It’s touting to offer you a high rate of fat loss with minimal effort involved. (more…)

Tips For Losing Stomach Fat

core-training-1730330_300Who doesn’t want to flaunt a lean and athletic body in beachwear or a swimsuit? Walking around with a well-sculpted muscular body and having the members of the opposite sex ogle over it, is a secret desire most of us have.

But, acquiring a fit and ship shape body often seems quite an uphill task. For ordinary men and women, who have regular full-time jobs, it is often quite difficult to spend hours in the gymnasium to acquire body like professional athletes. (more…)

Primal Diet – Is Fat Bad For You?

fat-foods-1487599_300x200Is fat bad for you? Well, this article is about the Primal diet and how it preaches the fat is not bad for you, but good. It seems strange to read this after so many years of having low-fat diets rammed down our throats (forgive the pun).

Let’s face it, if you talk to just about anyone trying to lose weight they will mention the fact that they are on a low-fat diet.

When you ask them why they are on a low-fat diet, they will invariably tell you the same thing: “Well…you don’t have to have fat. Fat is bad for you.”

But then ask these same people precisely where they read about this, or at the very least refer to one reputable source or scientific studies or something… do you realize what you’ll get? (more…)

Best Foods to Build Lean Muscle and Lose Body Fat

To build lean muscle and lose body fat you need to eat the right foods along with exercise. There are so many choices available and it’s hard to get it right. This article  by Mike Geary – the author of  The Truth about Six Pack Abs – will help you choose the right foods to eat. He will tell you all about the 55 foods you should have for musclebuilding and fat loss. (more…)